Beauty Equipment Rental

One Light Lasers Rental Scheme

How it works:

Our rental scheme is simple, you pay a deposit and 2 months payment upfront. Before the end of the two months you can decide if you want to continue renting and pay again. You can also choose to purchase the laser and we will deduct your original rental fee from the price.

All deposits are equal to two months rental.

Systems & Costs:

Alma Lasers

  • Soprano XL – £500 +VAT per month
  • Soprano Xli – £700 +VAT per month
  • Soprano ICE – £850 +VAT per month
  • Soprano Platinum – £1,000 +VAT per month

Ellipse IPL

  • Ellipse Microlight IPL – £400 +VAT per month
  • Ellipse SPT IPL – £500 +VAT per month
  • Ellipse SPT+ IPL – £700 +VAT per month

Lynton Lasers

  • Lynton Luminette IPL – £450 +VAT per month
  • Lynton Lumina IPL – £500 +VAT per month
  • Lynton Luminette Q – £750 +VAT per month
  • Lynton Lumina IPL + Nd:yag – £750 +VAT per month
  • Lynton Lumina AQS – £1,000 +VAT per month

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